Eat Now, Pay Later!


"For far too long, I relied on my credit cards and overdrafts for groceries and takeaways, facing exorbitant fees and interest every time I used them.'s UberEats—Eat Now, Pay Later! offered me a healthier alternative, ensuring I pay only the original purchase cost—no more hidden charges, interest-free, and even cash for my personal well-being!"

Mrs. S McKay (London)

Discover our exclusive *UberEats voucher—Eat Now, Pay Later! (ENPL) at! Mrs. S McKay from London made the switch, and you can too! Pay in 3 interest-free monthly instalments. Plus, take advantage of our special offer – and get a cashback!

*A 15% charge will be deducted from your UberEats voucher.

Choose PayPal at the checkout, or if you prefer Klarna, Pay in 3 interest-free monthly instalments. Pay Now or Pay in 30 days. See our main-page.

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